FAE VIDEO provides aerial shooting from stable multirotor drones with DSLR and multispectral cameras

Aerial filming by FAE VIDEO

FAE VIDEO drone with Sony camera mounted

Flights are made with lightweight multi-rotor drones custom built by FAE DRONES. Drones use ultra-light technology with electric propulsion and brushless image stabilizer and are operated from the ground through RC. Drone Shop

We offer maximum efficiency for aerial filming because we can also fly in urban areas, even in windy conditions.

Aerial inspection with drones by FAE VIDEO

FAE VIDEO provides visual aerial inspection of high and inaccessible structures using drones multirotor. Inspection results are offered in digital format as photos or video.

Aerial footage advantages:

FAE VIDEO - drone air shooting demonstration
  • Aerial footage using drones is spectacular, involving much lower cost than traditional methods
  • We provide the possibility of technical inspection on large areas and hard to reach areas
  • Allows measurements with multispectral sensors and infra-red (IR)
  • Filming provides an overview of the objective, utilities and access roads near the target

The autonomy of FAE drones (more than 30 minutes) enhances shooting on long distances or large areas.

Maximum altitude flight and aerial shooting is far beyond the usual requirements of an aerial image quality and clarity.

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Theodor Pallady 287, 4th floor
Inside I.O.R. 2
Bucharest, sector 3
+40 721 223 342

Services and rates


Each project has its particularities. The price varies depending on the number of flight hours, difficulty, number of photos, etc. Read about services and prices »


  • What kind of a flying machine are you using ?
    We are using a FAE DRONES lightweight drone.
  • What type of camera do you use for aerial filming?
    Aerial Filming is made according to your project specs, using SONY Alpha A6000 or GoPro HERO 4 with brushless video stabilizer.
  • At what height can you fly?
    Maximum altitude we can fly is 2000 m.
  • Can you offer aerial filming also ?
    Yes. FAE FOTO makes aerial pictures.
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