Aerial inspection

Inspectie la inaltime la stalpi de inalta tensiune

FAE VIDEO provides visual aerial inspection of high and inaccessible structures using drones multirotor. Inspection results are offered in digital format as photos or movie with the following specs:
HD (1920x1080)@30fps
4K (3840x2160)@30 fps
optical zoom 20x
optical stabilization
24 mpix TIF16 si JPG


If you want a specific camera or other sensor types like FIR, we can adapt the device to FAE drone. FAE1000Q drone used is for sale on our website

Video - power lines aerial inspection

We assure the desired results: to capture exactly what you need, we use live image displayed on the drone's onboard control monitor.

Video - wind turbines aerial inspection

The drone is stabilized in the desired position by GPS, is immune to gusts of wind and provides a stable image. Inspection can be made by hovering the area of interest or travel a given route within 2 km radius.

Aerial inspection with drone, FAE VIDEO

Some areas of application of aerial inspections in inaccessible places:

  • High-voltage network poles
  • Wind and solar power plants
  • Refinery flare heads
  • Suspension bridges
  • Roofs, exterior building
  • Agriculture, crop condition assessment
  • Afforestation forest areas
  • Evaluation of disasters as floods, fires, earthquakes
  • Checking of oil pipes
  • Checking water pollution


Aerial inspection

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Services and rates


Each project has its particularities. The price varies depending on the number of flight hours, difficulty, number of photos, etc. Read about services and prices »


  • What kind of a flying machine are you using ?
    We are using a FAE DRONES lightweight drone.
  • What type of camera do you use for aerial filming?
    Aerial Filming is made according to your project specs, using SONY Alpha A6000 or GoPro HERO 4 with brushless video stabilizer.
  • At what height can you fly?
    Maximum altitude we can fly is 2000 m.
  • Can you offer aerial filming also ?
    Yes. FAE FOTO makes aerial pictures.
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